Unmatched Knowledge and Professionalism

Adams & Morse Associates is devoted 100% to the recovery of insurance premiums, agent/broker return commissions and insured deductibles. Insurance is our only business. We do both commercial and personal lines recovery work and have since 1984.

As you may be aware, there are now severely increased federal consumer protection measures that have been put into place to assist consumers. Traditional collection agencies either have to change the way they do business or join the scrap heap of dead businesses. Aligning yourself with companies who engage in deceptive and perceived harassing practices could not only harm your reputation, but find you associated with legal situation that were once not thought possible. Never has it been more vital than to place your receivables not in the hands of “collectors” but rather with a seasoned recovery company with a true background in insurance. The “Quiet Alternative” of Adams and Morse is your solution.

The big performance difference between Adams & Morse Associates and general-purpose collection agencies is our unique, and proven successful, approach to recovery. Our industry-trained recovery specialists will quickly identify the real reasons behind your receivables and work cooperatively with both you and your insured’s to completely resolve every policy issue. It’s this commitment to resolution—collection and adjustments—that separates Adams & Morse Associates from the rest of the crowd in premium recovery.

Collection agencies simply “press for cash.” Adams & Morse Associates provides resolution.